Audit FAQs

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We’ve put together a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.  Please contact us if you don’t see your question, or would like more information.

What is a telecommunications audit?
An extensive analysis of your local, long distance, internet, data, cellular, pager, and equipment bills.  We utilize your contract with your provider, along with their federal and state filed tariffs, to check that the rates you are being billed are correct.  We also optimize your services by making sure that you don’t have too many lines or have features that you are not using.

What percentage of bills have errors or inefficiencies?
99% of all business telephone bills can be reduced in some way.  We’ve never met a bill we can’t cut!

What does usually Telcom find?
Some examples of the types of things we find are:

  • Charges for non-existent items
  • Incorrectly applied taxes
  • Too many lines for your company size
  • Rates that don’t match your contract
  • Unnecessary services

What does an audit cost?
All of our audit contracts are contingency-based and have absolutely no up front fees, actually no fees at all!

Most contingencies are at 50% of the refunds/credits we prove that we have obtained on your behalf and 50% of the monthly savings we prove that we have reduced your bill by removing inefficiencies, for one year.  Many audit firms charge lower percentage rates, but charge you the savings for two, three or even five years!

The most important thing to remember is that:  If we find nothing….. you pay nothing!

When should I have an audit?
NOW!  There is never a bad time for an audit but there are bad times NOT to do an audit.  If you about to change service providers, you may lose the refunds you’re entitled to if you don’t discover the errors before you leave.  The reason for this is that the provider will have no incentive to give you proper refunds if you have aleady notified them that you are leaving or have already left.  Don’t use up your refunds in legal fees fighting to get back what is yours!  At least three months before you change service providers, and before you have told them you are leaving, call us, and we will work quickly.

Also, if you are about to relocate with your existing provider, you should have us do an audit.  You may be paying to install services in your new facility that you don’t need to take with you.  Again, give us at least three months before your move to get the most efficient move plan.

What do I need to give Telcom to perfom the audit?
We will need two months of current billing to start.  If we discover something that goes back in time, we will contact if we need more historical records.  We will also need a copy of any signed provider contracts.

Lastly, on your letterhead, we will need a letter of authorization (LOA) that gives your providers permission to speak directly to us to provide information and records.  This letter can be revoked by you at any time.  Please click here to obtain our standard LOA accepted by most U.S. providers.

What does Telcom do with their findings?
We do all the work!  After we find the errors and inefficiences, we present them to you.  Then, we talk to your providers on your behalf, negotiate the refunds, implement the orders to reduce the inefficiencies, and check the next month’s bill to make sure that everything got done correctly.

Why bother?
Is 17.5% of your phone bills enough reason to bother?

Let’s do the math:
$25,000/month* x 17.5%**= $4,375/month = $52,500/year
$525,000 over 10 years

*Medium size company or city
**Average refunds and savings

Why do I need an audit – I have a telecommunications staff who reviews the bills?This is a sticky subject.  Most telecomm staff do not have the tariff and contract knowledge that Telcom auditors have.  Also most of your telecomm staff are probably IT staff who spend most of their day fixing telecomm and IT problems, not reviewing bills.  The reason you will not find the names of hundreds of our clients on this site is because they are embarrassed that they were spending big dollars on high telecomm salaries, yet we came in and found even bigger dollars in errors and inefficiencies.

Why should I hire Telcom Corporation?
It’s simple – we are the best.  Broward County, FL hired Telcom and received over $750,000 in refunds and will continue to save $200,000 each year!  Not convinced yet?  Let us give you a complimentary review of your main voice bill.  We’ll tell you how much we see in errors and inefficiencies, then you can hire us knowing that you have money coming to you!

For all your no obligation audit review, please contact Telcom today.