Work at Home

This is a legitimate work at home opportunity, with no up-front cost investment.  Telcare is an 18-year old established firm.

Job Description:

We utilize a custom-developed Classic ASP web-based program which sits in front of a SQL 2000 Server database and calls SQL stored procedures.  The ASP program is the portal used by the telephone satisfaction survey agents making their calls from home.  This program is very stable, but we’d like to enhance certain aspects of it.  In addition, we are growing our SMS/Text Messaging survey offering and need a developer to work in SQL to automate more of that process with our SMS Platform Aggregator.  Finally, we have a client Report Catalog which utilizes SQL stored procedures and views to generate Crystal Reports and Excel downloads.  We will need additional modifications in this area.  You will need the following skills:

  • Create and modify SQL Stored Procedures and DTSs
  • Create secure Web apps for clients
  • Modify the existing Classic ASP web app
  • Create and modify Crystal Reports
  • Work with clients’ IT professionals


  • SQL Server
  • Stored Procedures and Views/Queries
  • Classic ASP
  • ASP.NET Express IDE
  • Knowledge of router/firewall secure ports
  • Crystal Reports (preferable but not required)

Wages and Taxes:

You will be employed as an independent contractor, and will receive a 1099 from Telcare Corporation at the end of each calendar year. You are responsible for tracking and payment of your own Federal Withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes. In addition, you will be responsible for your own Worker’s Compensation and health insurance, as neither benefit is available. The pay rate being offered is commensurate with experience with room for growth. Because you will be an independent contractor, you will not be eligible for overtime or holiday pay.


The development will be done on a non-scheduled basis, as you will be working from home on your own time.  However, periodic meetings to discuss and review the project will be required in the Boca Raton office during the regular business week.  We would like someone to start immediately.

Technology Requirements:

You will be required to have or obtain a broadband connection to the Internet in the form of a full-speed DSL line or broadband cable-based service.


Apply for this opportunity by clicking here and attaching your resume to the email.  Please do NOT change the “Subject” of the email, as your application routing is dependent on the pre-filled subject.