Telecommunications Analyst

This job offers a rewarding, fulfilling, and busy day.
Telcom is a 30-year old established firm.

Job Description:

This job involves multiple aspects of telecommunications management for our clients.  We review complex telephone bills for large clients over multiple locations throughout the U.S., and we analyze all of the telecommunications (voice, data, and cellular) expenses for each location, research available alternatives and/or billing errors, report our findings to the site, and work with the site to implement our findings for cost savings.  In addition, we assist clients in selecting and implementing new voice (PBX) equipment, negotiating and implementing new carrier contracts for both voice and data, and providing management of cellular devices and IoT applications.   Finally, you would participate in help desk support by assisting in voice and/or data outages and managing add/move/change requests.   All the work is done from the office, as it would be very rare that we would need to travel to the site.


Prior technical and billing knowledge of all types of telephone lines, long distance, voice PBX equipment, VoIP, internet service, cellular, and some IT equipment like routers are preferable.  However, extensive computer knowledge of Word, Excel, internet, emailing, and instant messenger is a must. Additional requirements include excellent communications skills and a complete command of the English language. You must be able to type quickly, utilize spell check, and formulate coherent reports using proper grammar and punctuation.

Wages and Taxes:

The position pays $20-$45 per hour commensurate with experience and employment status.   Although health insurance is not provided, Telcom has a competitive package of other employee benefits, including a generous 401k plan, along with vacation and holiday pay.  Training in the Boca Raton office for the first 3 weeks, minimum, is mandatory, regardless of location.


Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5pm, with a half of an hour for unpaid lunch time.


Training in the Boca Raton office for the first 3 weeks, minimum, is mandatory, regardless of location.  Initial training will not be provided by telephone under any circumstances.


Apply for this opportunity by emailing your resume to Telcom Corp.