Converting to Remote/Web Phone System

Need a new phone system and think a web or cloud solution is for you?

These remote or web-based solutions are great in certain situations.  Telcom even uses one!  However, your Senior Housing facility is not like a regular business with an office.  You take care of very special people, and your new system should reflect that uniqueness!

Advantages of web-based systems for most businesses:

  • Super low up-front costs: most of them just rent you or sell you low-cost desk phones, without a large upfront CapEx.
  • Always on the newest software release
  • Web-based portal for changes
  • Staff can work from home

Disadvantages of web-based systems and advantages of premise-based system for Senior Housing facilities:

  • You will have a significant permanent increase in monthly OpEx, as you are essentially “renting” your web-based system from the provider, even if you buy the desk phones
  • If your internet goes down, not only does external calling fail, but you also can’t call staff internally. If you have a premise-based system, and your internet-based phone service goes down, the phone system will still allow you to call each other inside the building.
  • Your staff work at the facility. For some staff, if you want them to be able to work from home, these premise-based systems are easily configured to allow remote work at no extra cost!
  • Premise-based systems can be administered via in-building or external portal, just like web-based ones.
  • Call routing and control of features are significantly more robust with premise-based systems.

Contact us today to find out more about we can assist you with this important decision!  Remember we don’t sell any equipment!