Telecommunications Support

When the internet or the phone service goes down at one of your Senior Housing communities…

  1. Does your staff know which company to call?
  2. Do they have the time to sit on hold?
  3. Do they know how to answer the provider’s questions?

Probably not!  They are too busy doing their jobs, which is to take care of your senior residents.

Telcom provides ongoing on-demand support so your staff calls one number for everything!

  • Report a phone line outage/dialing problem
  • Order a new desk phone, cordless phone, or whole system
  • Renew a phone service agreement
  • Review a proposal for phone service
  • Install a new device that needs phone or internet
  • Add/troubleshoot Music on Hold
  • Order a new phone or fax line
  • Order a respite room line
  • Repair, add, or increase your WiFi coverage
  • Wire an office for phone and/or internet
  • Increase your internet speed/bandwidth
  • Report an internet outage/problem
  • Renew an agreement for internet service
  • Review a proposal for internet service
  • Need more IP addresses

We’ll call the right vendors and carriers and get it done for you!

Contact us today to find out more about any of these Senior Housing services!