Help Desk

Why Work at Here?

We are a close-knit family of highly skilled, caring staff.

Hiring Company Description:

Successful Florida-based telecommunications consulting company, founded in 1989, provides high-level telecommunications consulting to large multi-site corporations for voice and data services, specializing in supporting Senior Housing Management companies.

This job offers a rewarding, fulfilling, and busy day in our beautiful Boca Raton office.

Openings are available immediately! This is NOT telemarketing. Telcom is a 33-year-old established firm.

We are a drug-free workplace, and any offer of employment is contingent on passing a drug test and 50-state criminal background search. NO exceptions.

Note: Applicants must complete a one-hour web-based assessment tool prior to being invited to interview in person. NO exceptions.

Remote worker applications will not be accepted for this position.

We are seeking a Help Desk Suppot Specialist to join our team!

Job Description:

This job involves multiple aspects of telecommunications and IT management for our clients. We review complex invoices for large clients over multiple locations throughout the U.S., and we analyze all of the telecommunications (voice, data, and cellular) expenses for each location, research available alternatives and/or billing errors, report our findings to the site, and work with the site to implement our findings for cost savings. We provide support for existing equipment and services by calling in tickets for carrier outages or other troubles, coordinate service from vendors for replacement or additional equipment, and working with the clients to understand their needs. In addition, we assist clients in selecting and implementing new voice (PBX) equipment, negotiating and implementing new carrier contracts for both voice and data, and providing management of cellular devices and IoT applications. All the work is done from the office.


The following knowledge is preferable: Technical and billing knowledge of all types of telephone lines, long-distance, voice PBX equipment, VoIP, internet service, cellular, and some IT equipment like routers, switches, and Meraki firewalls. Extensive computer knowledge of Word, Excel, internet, emailing, and instant messenger is a must. Additional requirements include excellent communications skills and a complete command of the English language. You must be able to type quickly, utilize spell check, and formulate coherent reports using proper grammar and punctuation.


Firewalls, Proactive, Detail Oriented, VoIP, PBX, Mobile Phone, Telecommunications, Troubleshooting, Purchasing, Formulation, Computer Literacy, Patience, Vendor Management, English Speaking, Invoicing, Switches, Communication Skills, Help Desk Support, Service Orientation, Collaboration, Technical.

Wages: The position pays $19 to $35 per hour commensurate with experience and employment status.


Telcom has a competitive package of other employee benefits included with employment:

  • a generous 401k
  • profit-sharing plan
  • holiday pay (8.5 days per year)
  • vacation pay
  • bonuses
  • company events
  • daily hot/cold breakfast and lunch (large eat-in kitchen), daily healthy snacks, beverages (coffee, tea, lemonade, other)
  • Health Insurance: While we don’t currently offer group health insurance, we offer a higher wage to account for the cost of purchasing private health insurance. Employees are under no obligation to utilize the higher than requested wages for health insurance, but most find it useful to set aside these funds for that purpose. All of the details would be something you would discuss during your interview.


Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5pm, with a half of an hour for unpaid lunch time.


Training will be conducted in the Boca Raton office. Initial training will not be provided by telephone under any circumstances.


Apply for this opportunity through Zip Recruiter.

Core Values:

  • We are Extensions of the Clientwe are value-added support and subject matter expert partners to their organizations, and we deliver.
  • We value our Client Residentswe see our Family in them, acknowledge their dependency on us, and commit to always act appropriately with urgency.
  • Efficiently Going the Extra Mileis the Standard.
  • Systematic Execution and CommunicationsAccurate, Detailed, Constant, Consistent, Proactive, and Timely
  • Passionate Life-Long Learnerswe grow and learn about People, Our Company, Our Industry, Our Clients, Our Vendors, and Technology; we seek and share knowledge every day, all the time.

How do you know if you are the right fit?

You have been a top performer in a technical support service role and have developed a keen technical awareness that enables you to identify and accurately resolve technical issues in a timely manner. Your understanding of support tools, techniques, and how technology is used to provide operational services serves you well in providing direction and successful solutions for your clients’ needs. You are a master troubleshooter but possess infinite patience during that process when working with clients with little to no technical knowledge.

Your customer-focused service approach has proven to result in high client satisfaction and retainment. People acknowledge you for your strong diagnostic skills, collaborative mindset, and passion for making sure things get done right and in a timely manner. More importantly, you are able to do this in a way in which your clients see you as a trusted technology expert and reliable resource…. they see you as a trusted extension of their technology team.

You are results-oriented and known for your service orientation and quality work. Clients love to interact with you because you listen and are action-oriented, methodically finding the root causes of issues, removing obstacles, identifying solutions, and taking action. You use your technical knowledge, experience, and communication skills to work with others to collect the information you will need to deliver the highest levels of service to resolve current and foresee potential problems. You are often recognized for your diligence. You are a team player and peers often seek to draw on your technical knowledge and experience.

People acknowledge your passion, integrity, and ability to work well under pressure. You have excellent organization skills and great attention to detail. You are goal-oriented and self-driven, with a strong work ethic, and work well with minimum supervision, but also recognize when it is time to ask for help. You have a sense of urgency for delivering value-added solutions to your clients. You thrive in a fast-passed service environment.