Telephone Company Set to Decommission / Disconnect Traditional Telephone Lines on 4/30/2022

Telephone providers will permanently disconnect lines, serving your faxeselevatorsfire monitoringresident phones, and other key devices, on 4/30/2022 in the following states:

  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia

Verizon is the incumbent local exchange (ILEC) wireline carrier for those states, although there are countless telephone resellers who re-bill Verizon service under their own label, such as Granite and Windstream, so this may apply to you, even if you don’t get a bill from Verizon!

Why do most fax, elevator, and fire monitoring lines using traditional telephone lines?

These traditional lines got power from the central office, not the device (fax, phone, etc.), so power outages didn’t affect them, and copper cable is about as reliable as you can get.  Because there is a dedicated connection for each of these lines, they are very expensive to maintain, so they are disconnecting these lines.

Is there an alternative to these traditional lines for my devices?

Cable companies such as a Comcast and Spectrum are providing inexpensive alternatives to these lines via their cable modems or other internet-based devices.  Unfortunately, these cable lines are only as good as the cable modem, the A/C power going to that modem, and your connection to your cable company – a far cry from the reliability of real traditional lines.

Why hasn’t my telephone company told me about this disconnection?

They will be contacting you, now that the new year has started.  Over the next few months, Verizon, and their multitude of resellers like Windstream and Granite, will be contacting you in an attempt to replace this service with those alternatives that rely on A/C power and the stability of your internet.  Their salespeople will be asking your business to commit to often long-term contracts for these non-traditional replacement lines for what may appear to be a monthly savings.

How can we help?

  1. You may not even need all of the lines you have!  That’s the most important thing to know.  We can review how you are using those lines, and while staying compliant with any safety codes, replace the service or function with different options than what you are being offered by your current provider.
  2. Our initial review is complimentary!  Send one month of scanned telephone line bills to, and we will perform a quick review to see if you are at risk for the 4/30/2022 date.  If you are, then we can discuss how we can actually save you money by performing our signature telecommunications audits.  We’ve saved our clients over $25 million over the last 33 years!
  3. We don’t sell you any new services.  We are real consultants, so we are not compensated as an agent or reseller of any provider.  See our Code of Ethics.  So you will get a truly objective opinion.  And if you like the plan we put together, we will also implement it for you, using the same local vendors who are familiar with your systems and devices.

What about your residents?

Unfortunately, if your residents are privately purchasing Verizon Ior their reseller) home telephone service, this is also being disconnected!  We can assist you in finding replacement solutions, which could include revenue-producing options for your building.

How do I get started?

Either send your scanned bills to for a complimentary, no obligation review or give us a call at 800-394-5448!